Live in concert at P60









THE ESTATE Amsterdam:

  • Armani v. Engelen (Keyboard, bass and vocals)
  • Boaz Vida (Drums, percussion and vocals)
  • Simon Haneveld (Guitar and vocals)








THE ESTATE Amsterdam is a young band based in and around Amsterdam in The Netherlands. The band comprises of three young multi-talented musicians - Armani van Engelen, Boaz Vida and Simon Haneveld. The instruments they play include piano, keyboard, keytar, drums, guitar - acoustic and electric - and bass guitar. Their brand of music is influenced by a broad mix of styles including bluesrock, hardrock, funk and jazzrock. They are just as at home with a ballad as a fast paced hardrock number as you can hear by checking out their repertoire on their YouTube channel, To see more of their lives, you can check out their Instagram account and Facebook page.







  • 1 juli, Kunstbende, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 

  • 14 juli, Maloe Melo, Amsterdam

  • 15 juli, P60, Amstelveen, Local XXL 2017